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I HAVE SEEN HIM is a book of photos and gripping stories from my travels.  It presents the beauty of people I have encountered across the globe that reflect the face of God. I am blessed to be able to share my experiences so that others may be able to begin to look for Him in their world.   

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A few pages into this gorgeous book, you'll discover why Janice Meyer from LIFE Outreach International is one of my heroes. Through the lens of her camera she brings the world to us, capturing faces so that Christ can capture hearts. Her photographs bring to living color what could otherwise be lost in cold statistics.  Expressions have a way of speaking a language that needs no interpretation, conveying a need without a single word.  That's the particular beauty of this book. Even the hardest pages turn with hope because every place depicted has an open door to help. Thank you, Janice Meyer. You have gone for us so that Christ can work though us. 

Beth Moore

I'm at a loss for words. And if you know me, that doesn't happen often. Janice Meyer has a magnificent, God-given ability to capture emotion and reality through her photography and she has a heart for lost and borken people like few  I've ever known. What a powerful portrayal of God's heart for His children and our calling to be the hands and feet of Jesus in a hurting world. WOW!                                                  

Christine Caine

Whoever said a picture is worth a thousnd words has perfectly described the photographic genius of Janice Meyer.  Her book "I Have Seen Him" is a soul-shredding documentation of the faces of people accross five continents and sixty-four countries. In each face is the same anguished expression of need: food, water, medicine and safety. 


In spite of that sobering reality, there is the inspiring reality that Jesus knows them all and He cares. He shows that care by nudging us to be tangible reminders that there is hope: wate wells can be dug; food can be provided; medicine can be available and safety can be assured.


I am thrilled with the ministry of LIFE Outreach International and for Janice Meyer, whose photos in this book stir us to parner with God in bringing loving help to millions who dare now to believe and to receive from the One who sees them. 


Marilyn Meberg

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